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Aging, dieting, stress, travel and certain medications can disrupt the natural balance of our digestive system. Probiotics are "friendly" bacteria that promote healthy digestive flora, to support healthy digestion. In fact, the word probiotic means "for life". Pro Body Cleanse Probiotics contains 9 Billion live probiotic cells, more than 5 times the live active cultures typically found in yogurt, but without the sugar and calories. Probiotics aid in Human Digestion resulting in a boost in your immune system making this a very important part of your diet. Plus, it includes a series of gentle, natural laxatives (no drugs) that are included in mild dosages to relieve constipation.
Personal Trainers everywhere recommend the benefits of colon cleansing to their clients. Not only does it help jump start a weight loss program, but the additional benefits from detoxifying your body can help increase your energy to help you better master your exercise program and get in the best shape of your life!
I highly recommend it if you have chronic constipation.This has been the gentlest, most effective colon cleanser of all that I've bought and tried! I can't believe it's effectiveness for this price!
Pro Body Cleanse is an all natural herbal colon cleansing treatment that has changed thousands of people's lives through our effective internal cleansing.
I have tried and used MANY other (and more expensive) Cleansers for years and Pro Body Cleanse is absolutely fabulous! NO stomach upset, no cramps, best of all.....normal, comfortable stools.
Pro Body Cleanse was also designed for people suffering from colon health.
It maximizes one's elimination without causing loose stool or uncomfortable cramping via frequent healthy bowel movements while assisting in cleansing the vital organs.
Illness and sickness starts from the digestion/intestines so I recommend everyone to start with these two body systems when they are beginning any kind of regimen! :)
It includes a wide variety of beneficial fibres, nutrients, and minerals that also aid in replenishing your body with vital nutrients.
Since I have been on Pro Body Cleanse my life changed!!! Now I can eat broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, ANYTHING!!! and not have to worry about the side effects. I'm a firm believer and I will continue to use it.
Plus, it includes a series of gentle, natural laxativesthat are included in mild dosages to relieve constipation, gas, bloating, sluggish digestion, etc.
I have had all the symptoms of a toxic colon, bloating, tiredness, sick feeling, and breakouts on my face. That's why I bought this product. Thank you Pro Body Cleanse you gave me my life back!
Contains: Resveratrol (from polygonum cuspidatum, standardized extract), Pomegranate, Green Tea, Quercetin (from Citrus Bioflavonoids),
Grape Seed Extract (standardized for polyphenois), Acai (4:1 extract), Enzymes